Conor McGregor: Journey to $27M


Incredible Journey!

From a plumber’s apprentice to a $27M mixed martial arts super star, Conor McGregor faced a long journey to achieve this success! Despite many haters and bashers, he never let those people discourage him from pursuing his dreams and from doing what he loves.

His fighting career began at Crumlin Boxing Club when he was just 12 years old. 6 years after, McGregor and his family moved from Crumlin, Dublin to Lucan, Dublin. Other than commencing his plumbing apprenticeship in Lucan, he also became good friends with Tom “The Tank” Egan who is now a famous MMA fighter coming from England. After meeting up, they immediately started their training as MMA Fighters. Before entering the UFC, he had several professional MMA bouts. He won against strong opponents and claimed several championships. Because of his continuous winning streaks and tremendous performance, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) signed him to a multi-fight contract and the rest is history.

Unbelievable Training!

McGregor’s training is quite the intense type, he always challenges himself. He doesn’t do the same routines over and over again, he would always look for different fighting styles to discover new techniques and to prepare multiple fighting formations. When he goes too deep in training, you’ll never know what he’s thinking but he never fails to surprise people when he is already inside that combat cage fighting for glory. McGregor’s training includes proper nutrition. It is meticulously maintained all year round by his dietician, Rick Miller, to sustain McGregor’s remarkable performance. For the MMA fighter, training is all about variety, mindset, nutrition, and commitment.

Unstoppable Victory!

Right after signing a multi-fight contract with UFC, McGregor yet again didn’t fail to impress his supporters. Not to mention his win from a 13-second fight against Jose Aldo which in fact is the fastest finish in the entire UFC championship history. Other than this outstanding victory, from a total of 24 fights, he had 20 more wins with only  losses. Truly, he is a notorious man indeed!

The world is fully aware of the McGregor-Mayweather fight and we all know the results of this ground-breaking event, but don’t be dismayed. Despite his defeat against Mayweather, he didn’t take it negatively. As he has said in one of his interviews, “… I am always humble in victory or defeat.” A humble man with an acceptant heart regardless of the outcome, now that’s a true fighters attitude which makes it another victory for McGregor! This just proves that not every super star gained their success through straight wins, good news, and happy moments. There were also failures and unexpected defeats along the way. But as long as McGregor sees it as a victory, then it is a victory indeed!

After the “the biggest fight in combat history” (McGregor VS. Mayweather), Trafalgar Releasing announced that they will launch a movie starring the man himself entitled, “Conor McGregor: Notorious”. The movie is a four-year covered documentary film about the life of Conor ‘’The Notorious’’ McGregor. The MMA fighter announced that it will be released to the public through cinemas on the month of November. The company made this step so that people from all around the world would have an idea of McGregor’s journey from a plain plumber’s apprentice to a $27M MMA superstar. This will also feature never before seen clips of McGregor before and after fights. With the help of Universal Pictures, the public are to expect a well-filmed- not-your- ordinary type of documentary.